Thank you for your interest in the Children’s programs of St. John’s. My name is Rona Pasch and I serve as the Director of Children and Family Ministries at St. Johns. We have many formation opportunities for children in our church community. If you have questions about any children’s program or are interested in volunteering, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to answer any questions.


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Sunday School is offered for children ages 2 through 5th grade. It takes place from 10-10:50 am during the school year, downstairs in the education wing. Snacks will be provided during the class.

Our Sunday School curriculum for 2019-2020 is Love First. We believe that God is love, and that Jesus shows us how to live in God’s love, because Jesus is God’s love come to life. We build our program around the central teachings of and stories about Jesus, and around the threefold summary of love that Jesus taught us: Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself. We believe God loves everyone, without exception, and that our responsibility as friends and followers of Jesus is to learn to do the same, in the way that Jesus did.

Each week we talk about love: loving self, loving neighbor and loving God. This makes it easy for children (even the sporadic attendees) to understand our purpose for gathering, and it keeps parents in the loop. Each week, parents can simply ask, “Who did you talk about loving today?”

Through God’s grace and guidance, your faith journey has brought you to us. Perhaps you are looking for a Spirit-filled community. Perhaps you feel broken and seek healing. Perhaps you have been searching for a balance of tradition and openness to new ideas. Whatever the reason for your visit, our hearts greet you warmly in Christ’s love. We’re happy to share with you the wonderful ways God is working through and with us at St. John’s.

Nursery Care

Nursery care is available on Sunday mornings for children ages 4 and under. With a caring and knowledgeable team, trained in Safe Church practices, young children are offered a safe and welcoming environment. The nursery room is open on Sundays from 8:50 am to 12 pm, and is located at the bottom of the stairs in the Education Wing.

Please remember that children of all ages are welcomed and encouraged to attend worship with families, and begin to experience the wonders of our worship with those they love.

We welcome all baptized persons to receive communion; if you feel comfortable, please know that you may bring in your child from the nursery to receive communion or a blessing.

Rona Pasch

Rona Pasch