Dear People of St John’s,
You may have heard about or come to the Listening Groups that were offered in January. The groups were to listen to what you had to say about Adult Formation.
I heard that you all have much to say about formation at St John’s. I’m inviting you to tell us more about what interests you at St John’s. We have put together a short survey that I hope all of you will fill out over the next three weeks.
 There will also be paper surveys at church at the greeter’s table as you come into the church from the parking lot. You can fill them out and leave them on the table in the library or in my cubby near the office. The surveys are anonymous, though you can choose to add your name for us to contact you about the survey.  I hope each of you will do the survey so we can plan better for next year. Your voice counts.
Thanks! Kate Maxwell OSB

2023 Spring Interest Survey

About You

Your Age Group
What Sunday service do you usually attend?


What issues or things do you ponder or find yourself thinking about? (pick 3)
What keeps you coming back to St John in the wilderness? (pick 3)


What draws you to Fellowship activities like coffee hour or the fish fry?
What fellowship activities interest you? Choose your top three.


What would help your spiritual growth?

Bible Studies
Topics such as:
Life skill topics such as:

Thank you for taking this survey. Although we made this an anonymous survey, if you would like us to contact you about any of the questions, pease include your name, phone number, and email below.