Kate is serving as an intern this year at St John’s. As a transitional deacon, she will be assisting at services, preaching regularly, and working in various ways in the parish. She is preparing to be ordained a priest next summer, God willing and the people consenting. Her role is different from that of the other deacons in the parish, who are vocational deacons. The OSB after her name indicates that Kate is a solemnly professed Benedictine Sister in the Episcopal Church. Her community lives throughout the country and gathers twice a year. She’s happy to answer questions about Episcopal religious life! She has worked in the church as a lay professional for most of her life and has had the privilege of walking alongside folks as a spiritual director and retreat facilitator for more than forty years. She is interested in adult formation, pastoral ministry, and liturgy. Kate comes to St. John’s from St. John the Baptist Church in Minneapolis. She lives in St. Paul with her feline owner, Little Cat. In her free time, she loves to read cozy murder mysteries and theology.
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